Rugby Innovation Summit 2017

Twickenham, United Kingdom
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5 Mar 2017 - 5 Apr 2017
350 people are attending

About Rugby Innovation Summit 2017

The 2nd Annual Rugby Innovation Summit 2017 is the only sporting conference targeted to elite and grass roots, with innovation and applicability at its core. A truly global event boasting some of rugby and sports leading coaches, medical and performance and sports scientists it is essential for all involved in coaching, sports science and sports medicine.

Following the huge success in 2016 the Summit brings together the leading figures from rugby and the world of sport.

This is the only initiative of its nature, with pioneering research and immediate takeaways on how to optimise attack, lengthen careers and maximise performance through coaching strategies, performance testing, medical training, new technology and data analytics.

Through a series a content specific presentations, medical and sports science workshops, and live testing the initiative is the content focussed yet actively turns theory into practice.

Bringing together key stakeholders from rugby union and league, alongside the leading coaches and performance and medical officers from the world of Sport the event harnesses the leading research and insight into a rugby specific context.

The 2nd Annual Rugby Innovation Summit 2017 provides exclusive insights into these issues, uncovering the most applicable and effective innovations, implementable across all levels of the game.

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