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Hello My Name is Susan Knight I am applying for sponsorship to help

Two Boys Waynee-Raeon Knight and Blake Andrews ,

Both Boys come from low income families.

The boys were selected to Represent South's Junior Rugby League Club.

In a week-end Carnival hosted by the QRL at CoolumColts JRLFC,

Ronny Cargill Oval Coolum-Pergian Sports Compex 

David Low Way Coolum Beacj from 24to26 June,


The Division Under 13 Blake Andrews Waynee-Raeon Under 16.

The team will be accommodated at the Luther Heights Youth Camp

1592 David Low Way, Coolum Beach.


Cost of Both Boys attending is $ 300:00 dollars each.

Both boys are Murri's and have shown skills to be outstanding

This trip is a once in a life time experience for them and to be

selected .


The $ 300:00 covers the boys accommodation and travel to and

from Acacia Ridge and Meals.


Both boys have parents who are on disabilities because of cancer etc..

Waynee Knight and Blake Andrews are in need of financial help

I am writing to see if you could support these boys in Representing

Our Club for them to participate in Coolum City Verse Country

The Team is made up of boys from all clubs over the southern region.


Hoping you could consider our boys in your sponsorship helping to boys

to further there experiences in NRL Junior Rugby Football  .



Susan Knight 37004711 or 0411076030

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South Junior Rugby League Club


  • Travel and Accommodation and Meals

Please complete the form bellow and we'll contact you with further details about how to become a sponsor. Thank you.