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Bathurst, NSW, Australia
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About Champion Longboard Racer

I am seeking the support of a company to become a supportive partner in an extreme and emerging sport.

Longboard racing is one of the most exciting and couragous sports I've ever witnessed. My son Mitch Thompson has been heavily involved in the sport for around 3 years and now is currently participating in the IDF world tour. I should mention Mitch is 18 andin his first year in the opens age category. He has anbitions that will undoubtedly cement his place in the top 10 and most recognized riders  in t he coming years.

Mitch is the former Australian Junior Champion and is currently ranked in the top 15 riders in the world at just 18 years of age. If fact yesterday he clocked a speed of 107kmph in qualifying at the Killington world cup event in Vermont. This resulted in his first podium coming in third.

In July he will move with the world tour to the European circuit, commencing in Norway.

Mitch is quickly becoming a high profile rider with amazig talent, according to his peers within the sport. While in his home town of Bathurst, NSW, he spends a lot days with younger kids showing and teaching the skills of longboarding. 

An opportunity exists for a proactive partner company to join with Mitch for a global exposure opportunity. 

I note longboarding has become that feature of two major world renowd companies, KFC and Illure. The 2020 Olympics will also see the inclusion of skateboards. 

Packages available.

PLATNUM - A platnum sponsor shall recieve full branding recognition in all locations and online postings. This sponsor will also receive a unique watermark sponsorship tag on all photos posted via Mitch's online channels. This is a very unique feature offering which effectivly coud last for years, long after any sponsorship partnership ceases. 

A Platnum sponsor would invest $4000.00 per month over a three year exclusive agreement term.

GOLD - A gold sponsor shall recieve high exposue via media postings and marketing signage. The Gold level sponsor will also recieve mentions through posting and web articles on a regular basis. The gold sponsorship is limited to 3 companies as co exclusive partners with Mitch.

A Gold sponsor would invest $3000 per month over a three year agreement term.

SILVER - A silver sponsor shall also recieve the above feature exposure, however scaled accordingly. A Silver sponsor is a multi company opportunity and will enjoy collective brand intergartion.

A silver sponsor would invest $2000 per month over a 3 year agreemnet term.

Bronze - A bronze sponsor is a very important sponsor level. The sponsorship level is also a multi level parter and encouraged to provide support by way of equipment and supplies required to run the racing program. This sponsorship level is very flexable and more hands on for the company.

A Bronze sponsor would invest $800 per month by negotiation of type and also over a 3 year agreement term.

This opportunity is certainly not just a money grab. This is an opportunity for the astutue marketing manager of a go forward company to get early on a super sport on the rise. Remenber surfing 20 years ago. This is where Longboard racing is destin.

Thank you for taking the time to assess this proposal.

James Thompson


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James Thompson
Bathurst, NSW, Australia


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