2nd Annual End of Year Show

Intabazwe, Harrismith, Free State, South Africa
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18 Aug 2016 - 1 Oct 2016
350 people are attending

About 2nd Annual End of Year Show

Via Intabazwe Theatre Productions was formed on the 1st April 2015, by the proud youth of Intabazwe with the aims of removing the youth from the streets and drugs, reducing teenage pregnancies, teaching them about the importance of HIV/AIDS and the vitality of cultural renaissance as well as to establish solidarity amongst the youth and the community they live in. As an organization we have realised that the youth of Intabazwe has lost the passion or spirit to develop their talents. They are loosing hope in chasing their dreams. We, as an organization, aim to restore that passion by giving them the challenge to showcase their talents on stage. Arts is an integral part of the youth in Intabazwe, so as the organization we do not want to loose that part of our community but we would like to develop their talents and restore their hope in their dreams while bringing the youth and the community together. On the 16th June 2016 we had a youth competition in the Location of Harrismith, Intabazwe. The competition was very successful as we were had a main objective of the youth expressing or showcasing their talent in Intabazwe as a community. In doing so we realized that there is a lot of talent in Intabazwe. This has given us the right to give other genres a chance to showcase their talent. In doing so we are in preparation to showcase another talent show on the 1st October 2016. This talent show will see rappers in Intabazwe and Primary Schools showcasing their in 2 competitions. We would like to give the rappers and primary schools in Intabazwe a chance to showcase as we have been able to give the dancers and musicians a chance. We would like to develop the youth in Intabazwe. We will be having performances from the youth in our organisation and other organisations in and around Free State.

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Via Intabazwe Theatre Productions
Intabazwe, Harrismith, Free State, South Africa


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