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Hello everyone!

Have you ever heard about Cystic Fibrosis and Canada's largest seconddary fundraiser Shinerama?

Cystic fibrosis (CF) is the most common fatal genetic disease affecting Canadian children and young adults. There is no cure. 

Cystic fibrosis causes various effects on the body, but mainly affects the digestive system and lungs. The degree of cystic fibrosis involvement differs from person to person. However, the persistence and ongoing infection in the lungs, with destruction of lungs and loss of lung function, eventually causes death in the majority of people who have cystic fibrosis. 

Typical complications caused by cystic fibrosis are difficulty in digesting fats and proteins; vitamin deficiencies due to loss of pancreatic enzymes; and progressive loss of lung function. 

It is estimated that one in every 3,600 children born in Canada has cystic fibrosis. Almost 4,000 Canadian children, adolescents, and adults with cystic fibrosis attend specialized CF clinics. 


On Shine Day we do a variety of these fundraisers and we all get together to raise the most money we can!!

We would like sponsorships as it helps reach our goal of 12,000 this year!


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