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About Miss Massachusetts USA 2017

I'm here to share some exciting news! I have been selected as an official State Finalist in the Miss Massachusetts USA Pageant, which will be held November 2016. These pageants are a WME-IMG and The Miss Universe joint venture. They are the most prestigious pageants in the world. This is a chance of a lifetime for me and I am asking you for your support in this unique opportunity!

If I happen to be crowned the new titleholder, I will be representing my state in the national Miss USA pageant. I will also represent the state during my reign by making numerous appearances throughout my state, by helping the community, local businesses, and charitable organizations, as well as appearing at special events, grand openings and parades.

Pageants are very expensive and my entry fee will be $1,300. Anything leftover will be many of the items I need for the competition such as; my evening gown, interview wardrobe, accessories, makeup, etc. I am looking to raise $1,300. This amount will prayerfully take care of the majority of things that is needed for the competition. I am not asking you for just monetary support but also for you to invest in me as a young woman who is pursuing a dream that God has placed in my heart. 

If you are unable to donate, please share my campaign. Any involvement to help me achieve my goal to becoming the next title holder will be greatly appreciated! Please help make my dream come true!

Thank you in advance for all of your help, encouraging words and most of all your prayers!  

Sara Johnstone

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