Beauty With a Purpose- Ambassador Tamara Murray

Provost, AB, Canada
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1 Jan 2016 - 4 Sep 2016

About Beauty With a Purpose- Ambassador Tamara Murray


Tamara Murray 

(403) 361-3049 

P.O Box 1378 

Provost, AB 

T0B 3S0 


Dear Sponsor Gigs, 

Today, I am here to share with you something special, that just happened for me.  I have been accepted as one of the Word Finalists at the BEAUTIES OF 5 CONTINENTS 2016 pageant held in Vancouver. I have been chosen as a potential worldwide ambassador and this is a very significant opportunity for me. This will change the course of my life because it will give me a powerful platform to advance my education, succeed in my career and contribute to and promote causes I believe in. 

In order for me to start this journey, I'll need the help of my family, friends and businesses like you, who will support me on my dream journey. I would like you to be apart of it. My fees consist of travel, food, gowns, make-up/hair, as well as accommodations. In return for your kindness and support, I will be more than happy to help you promote your business by appearing with my sash in your ads, commercials and your events.  I have began a Modelling portfolio so I do have experience in that area as well! I will  make sure your company name is included under my picture and bio in the program book, on the BEAUTIES OF 5 CONTINENTS website, and on my own designated Facebook page. I am also pleased to inform you that businesses can write off their contributions as an advertising expense. A receipt will be sent to you from WORLD CREATIVE ENTERTAINMENT, INC. 

I appreciate you reading this over, and am grateful for your time! Thank-you! 

Facebook: Tamara Murray- Beauties of 5 Continents 



Best Regards, 

Tamara Murray

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